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A great deal of time and money went into creating the "test your jury image order" section of this web site. A $10 donation is recommended if you find it useful, though any amount is appreciated. Because of the large amount of artists using this web site, bandwidth and server space requirements have also increased dramatically. Please click on the PayPal donation button above.
If you're using the web site to format your images for either ZAPP or Juried Art Services, a $5 donation per image is recommended, though any amount is appreciated. Please click on the PayPal donation button above.
Besides PayPal, I take all major credit cards. You can call me (412-401-8100) with your credit card information. You can mail a check (or cash) to Larry Berman. E-mailing credit card information is not recommended as it's not secure.
Larry Berman
PO Box 265, Russellton, PA 15076

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