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Why did you create this web site?
I created JuryImages.com to address the questions I get asked the most.
How to format your own images for ZAPP™ and Juried Art Services. For the artists that want to do it all themselves, all they have to do is upload an image, choose processing for either ZAPP or Juried Art Services and the image is converted to the sRGB color space and automatically formatted for the jury system they choose.
Other questions have to do with the artists that need help choosing which images and the order of those images in their application. Artists can upload their jury images and create different arrangements comparing how well the images work together.
How does the "test your jury images" section work?
if you haven't tried it yet, click here to sign up and upload your jury images
The user (referred to as page owner) creates a free account with their e-mail address as the username and chooses a password. Any size JPEG (or JPG) images can be uploaded and upon upload will be resized to 175 pixels long dimension. ZAPP™ images will be resized to 175 pixels square. Page background color can be changed to black to simulate a ZAPP™ and CaFÉ jury, gray to simulate a JAS jury. Non ZAPP™ images can be uploaded and seen in a ZAPP™ environment because the backgrounds around the images are black to simulate the black borders on ZAPP™ images. Images can also be enlarge to 700 pixels long dimension, the same size as the ZAPP monitor or JAS jurors see them.
tip - Before starting, you should identify all your ZAPP (or JAS formatted) images on your computer and COPY them to a folder on the desktop so you can easily find them to upload. You can also go into your ZAPP or JAS profiles and download the enlarged images to use here.
Images are uploaded one at a time and page owner can intuitively drag them with their mouse into the position they want to see them in. Images can be dragged into different positions, duplicated into the bottom section (to create an alternate order), flipped horizontally or deleted. Alternative image orders can easily be compared.
tip - if horizontally flipped images give you a better looking presentation, you need to go back to the original images that were uploaded to ZAPP (not the images you can see in your profile), flip them horizontally and upload them again. Same with JAS. You need to go back to the original images that were uploaded to JAS (not the images you can see in your profile), flip them horizontally and upload them again.
Either or both sections can be locked by the page owner so other viewers can see the page and not be able to change the order so opinions on two orders can be asked for. If the top section is locked and the bottom section is unlocked, an invited viewer can create their own order to be compared to the page owner's order. Pressing the refresh link will allow you to see changes other's have made.
tip - if you intend to send a link asking someone to give you an alternate presentation, you should duplicate your images into the unlocked section first because the duplicate, flip and delete button disappear for anyone but the page owner when the page is locked.
The page will remain on the server for 30 days. You can bookmark the page by clicking on the word "bookmark" at the top left or capture the page URL by clicking on the URL next to the bookmark link and copying it. You can e-mail a link to the page by entering an e-mail address in the form at the bottom.
tip - if you are having a problem bookmarking the page, I suggest e-mailing a link to yourself.
The page along with all the images can be deleted by the page owner. Once the page and images are deleted, it deletes the e-mail address and password from the database so the page owner has to sign up again to use the service again. And if the page owner wants to create a second page of a different body of work, they need to sign up a second time with a different e-mail address.
Larger JPEG images are automatically deleted on upload as the 175 pixel images are created so your full size images remain safe.
if you haven't tried it yet, click here to sign up and upload your jury images
And if you find this web site useful, please donate to help keep it running.
How do ZAPP, JAS and CaFÉ jurors see the images?
ZAPP monitor jurors see the images one at a time enlarged to 700 pixels square against a black page background. They only see the images together on the page where they enter the scores. At that time, the images are all on one line. For an idea on how that looks, arrange your potential jury images across the top line.
A simulation of ZAPP monitor jurying
ZAPP projection jurors see the images according the template in your ZAPP profile when you apply to the show. Some shows set up their projectors in a line and some shows set up their projectors in two rows.

Fort Worth open ZAPP Jury - Nov 2006

Columbus open ZAPP Jury - Feb 2009
JAS jurors see the images on monitors three over two with the two under the first and third images on a neutral gray background. For an idea on how that looks, you should limit the amount of images in the first two rows to five and arrange them three over two.
A simulation of JAS monitor jurying
CaFÉ jurors see the images the same as ZAPP™ jurors do.
White background is for other shows that ask for digital images but don't specify how they are to be viewed. And I always recommend calling and asking a show how they intend to view the images and what size to submit. Having more information enables you to make more educated decisions.

hire Larry Berman to prepare your digital jury images

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