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This has been a problem since day one of digital jurying. I never saw my images in the same context that the jurors were going to be viewing them, either by background color or even by the order in which they'd be seen. Even the problem of seeing them all at one time to see if they were a complimentary set had me jumping through hoops with whatever software I had on my computer. This is a great tool. Images upload in a snap and can be moved around. I immediately detected things worth changing about images I've been using. John Bauman
Looks just great! Works perfectly and the upload is fast with no errors. Very intuitive to be able to swap your images quickly. This seems like a great resource for artists to “play” with their images and maybe get some visual feedback. Thanks for providing this very useful website. Maria Arango
Wow Larry! This is a great tool. And fun too. And it was helpful as I played around with my images trying out different combo's, and it's going to be more helpful when I start doing show applications again. Thanks for this. Carla Fox

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